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5 Questions for Carl Brooks Minorities in the C-Suite

April 23, 2009
No matter what he does during his tenure, President Barack Obama will be remembered in history as the first African-American president of the United States. Although that glass ceiling has been broken, much work remains to be done to get more people of color into corporate executive suites, says Carl Brooks, president and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council. Brooks recently talked to Workforce Management staff writer Mark Schoeff Jr.
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Restaurant Workers Group to Unveil Bias Study

March 27, 2009
On Tuesday, March 31, the group will announce the findings of a report titled ‘Discrimination in Manhattan’s Top Restaurants Deny People of Color and Women Equal Access to Employment Opportunities.’
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Diversity The Obama Effect

February 5, 2009
Experts believe the election of the first African-American president of the United States will redefine workplace diversity, placing a greater emphasis on multiculturalism and socioeconomic status.
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Spiritual Etiquette at Work

November 15, 2008
Commentary: Faith friendliness in the workplace does not mean faith favoritism. Ford Motor Co. has a good rule: If you want your faith group to be in Ford’s Interfaith Alliance, you’ve got to support the ability of other groups to meet. Here are some other guidelines for dealing with spiritual issues in the workplace.
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