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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Measure ROI on Diversity

September 14, 2006
What problems might I expect to encounter related to championing diversity in the workplace? Also, what is a good tool to measure the return on investment of having a diverse workforce? I’ve heard varying accounts of whether diversity is a useful tool or merely a politically correct buzzword.
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Five Questions for Louis Uchitelle

May 16, 2006
Louis Uchitelle has been writing about busi­ness, labor and economics for The New York Times since 1987. In his new book, he discusses how employers, government and society as a whole have become too indifferent to the growing trend of layoffs in this country.
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Five Questions for Hayward Bell

January 20, 2006
Bell, Raytheon's chief diversity officer, has seen how companies’ challenges have evolved from identifying the basic differences associated with race and gender to having a greater understanding of cultural differences that occur in the workplace.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Develop Leaders Comfortable in Many Cultures

April 8, 2005
I need to propose, design and implement a development program for senior executives in our multinational corporation. These corporate managers hail from a range of different cultures and operate over a wide geographical region. What essential assumptions and issues need to be considered? What best practices could be incorporated as a platform? Are there some issues I need to be especially heedful of in the design?
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Wal-Mart's Man With a Mission

Lawrence V. Jackson, Wal-Mart’s new chief human resources officer, has been both a friend to workers and a tough-minded management honcho. He’ll need both sets of skills as he steps into a leadership role at a company facing class-action lawsuits, unionization battles and huge worldwide growth.
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