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Don't Make Texaco's $175 Million Mistake

March 1, 1997
The recent Texaco debacle involving secret tapes and the prejudiced attitudes of high-ranking officials brought discrimination problems, once again, to the forefront of our minds. This investigative report reveals that discrimination is still widespread a
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Xers vs. Boomers Teamwork or Trouble

November 1, 1996
Baby boomers are staying in the workforce longer-and they're on a collision course with the Generation-X kids now flooding into offices. These two very different groups can start an all-out war-or become the best team players you've ever had.
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Does Image Matter

December 1, 1995
Appearance is a very personal area of human diversity-with many business implications. If you have image standards, whether hidden or overt,make sure they don't unfairly discriminate against employees.
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