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Study Confirms Women Are Still Undervalued

Catalyst published a report about the advancement of women in Corporate America. The findings show the existence of glass walls. These are invisible barriers in the corporate culture itself that keep women from obtaining the jobs with line responsibility that lead to the executive suite.
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Don't Make Texaco's $175 Million Mistake

March 1, 1997
The recent Texaco debacle involving secret tapes and the prejudiced attitudes of high-ranking officials brought discrimination problems, once again, to the forefront of our minds. This investigative report reveals that discrimination is still widespread a
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Xers vs. Boomers Teamwork or Trouble

November 1, 1996
Baby boomers are staying in the workforce longer-and they're on a collision course with the Generation-X kids now flooding into offices. These two very different groups can start an all-out war-or become the best team players you've ever had.
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