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Keeping Your Diversity Program Legal

It’s fine for an organization to tout goals of diversity and inclusion. It’s the actual implementation of the plan that can draw criticism and legal challenges. The key to today’s legally defensible diversity initiatives is to concentrate diversity efforts on expanding the pipeline of candidates to include as many diverse candidates as possible. Here are some best-practice suggestions.
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What to Do About Body Art at Work

March 24, 2010
Although some employers, particularly in traditionally creative fields, may encourage employee displays of body art as a form of self-expression, many others worry that their employees’ visible body piercings and tattoos may be off-putting or even offensive to customers, investors and the public at large. Here are some suggestions for legally managing body art at work.
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Court Considers Time Limits on Employment Discrimination Suits

February 23, 2010
Chicago’s government does not dispute that an employment test unfairly excluded African Americans from consideration for firefighter positions. It maintains, however, that the legal action occurred after the 300-day statute of limitations ran out on the initial announcement.
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