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Investing in Employees

September 28, 2011
Despite a tough, volatile economy, 10 small to midsize companies have been able to run successful businesses while bringing stability to employees through strong benefits programs. These businesses have made Principal Financial Group's 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security—2011 list.
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Foul-ups Trump Safeguards in UBS Scandal

September 27, 2011
In the aftermath of such blatantly avoidable foul-ups, can you recall a single instance when outside analysts concluded that systems and processes had not been put in place or learning had not been delivered? I can't. It's the failure to act in line with all of these safeguards that's the issue.
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EEOC Sues Fashion Boutique Delia's for Pregnancy Discrimination

September 23, 2011
The suspected harassment included constant questioning about some employees' ability to perform their jobs because they were pregnant, recommending they take leaves of absence or forcing them to take maternity leave early. The suit also alleges that the company fired one of the employees in retaliation after she complained about being harassed because of her pregnancy.
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Back These Smart Safety Net Fixes

September 20, 2011
Sadly, some business leaders pooh-poohed the call for payroll tax relief and a tax credit for hiring the long-term unemployed with what amounted to a kind of whining. Let's hope the employer community reacts more positively to the president's safety net legislation.
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Activision Shareholders Vote a Resounding Yes On ‘Say on Pay’

September 16, 2011
Shareholders at the video game maker voted 69 percent in favor of a shareholder proposal that would give them an annual advisory vote on executive compensation. It marked the highest support for a say-on-pay proposal in the U.S. since investors first began voting on the matter two years ago.
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