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Who's On the Bench

September 13, 2007
The Atlanta Falcons put all their faith in one guy. You and your managers would do well to learn form this and not do the same thing.
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Scrutiny Over 401(k) Expenses Heats Up In D.C

August 29, 2007
A recent legislative proposal that would require 401(k) retirement plans to reveal more information about fees is being described as the beginning of a discussion about the issue. But in Washington, the scrutiny surrounding costs is becoming a low roar.
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N.Y. Attorney General Focuses on Health Plans’ Doctor Rankings

August 23, 2007
In letters sent to the two insurers, the state’s Attorney General’s Office expresses concern that the physician rating programs of Hartford, Connecticut-based Aetna and Philadelphia-based Cigna carry ‘a significant risk of causing consumer confusion, if not deception.’
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Job Bank Heist

July 27, 2007
In the end, it is pretty easy to see what killed America's Job Bank: bureaucratic indifference, government ineptitude and a singular shortsightedness.
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Turning a Deaf Ear

July 6, 2007
In 2003, the Department of Labor asked members of the business community and others about the performance of America’s Job Bank. Far from calling for the closure of the free job Web site, they called for investing more in it and other government-sponsored online tools.
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