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Dear Workforce What Value Might We Realize From Supporting Volunteerism

March 10, 2006
Our organization is considering putting in place a policy that supports employee volunteering in the not-for-profit sector. It will allow us to build relationships with community groups, as well as encourage employees in their projects away from work. Do you have any recommendations regarding the benefit to our company, and what kind of qualifiers might need to be in place for the volunteer work to be undertaken?
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A Leader in Name Only

January 13, 2006
Former Enron CEO Ken Lay's Houston speech wasn't about motivating his former employees. It was a self-centered attempt to publicly frame his defense strategy and maybe even lobby the jurors who will be sitting in judgment when his case goes to trial.
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Steal Big, Steal Little

December 20, 2005
Corporate malfeasance isn’t confined solely to the executive suite. Corruption has trickled down to all levels of the organizational hierarchy, and companies may have only themselves to blame.
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