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Alcoa Does Its Bit For The World

February 25, 2005
Companies want to show employees, consumers and shareholders that they are paying attention to environmental, health and safety impacts globally. Alcoa sends employees on scientific field trips to show its concern.
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True Believers at Methodist Hospital

February 1, 2005
When the Methodist Hospital in Houston decided to embark on a "values realignment," there were plenty of skeptics to be won over--including the new vice president of human resources. But the effort to revive faith-based values without cramming religion down employees’ throats has been hailed by workers, patients and the press.
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The Recruiting Payoff of Social Responsibility

January 25, 2005
Companies are realizing that not only can a reputation for corporate social responsibility be good for branding, publicity and the bottom line, it can also be a valuable recruiting tool. They’re incorporating their values into recruiting and advertising materials more and more both to attract the best candidates and to weed out the ones who wouldn’t be a good fit.
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