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Grading on the Curve

September 18, 2003
There's nothing new about the process itself. Law firms, college faculties and the military have operated under an "up or out" ethos for eons, and a number of companies, including PepsiCo, have used it for several decades.
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Dead Man's Curve

July 1, 2003
Whether you call it forced ranking, the "vitality curve" or another alias, it's a workforce performance tool that's used by up to one in five Fortune 500 companies. But most of them refuse to talk about it. Why is that? Ask Ford, which paid out $10.5 million over forced ranking-related discrimination claims.
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Rebuilding Employee Trust

October 17, 2002
In companies where employees believe HR is effective, they also believe the company is trustworthy. Low belief in HR equals low trust. Here are five things HR can do to build confidence--right now.
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Don't Fear Whistle-Blowers

August 5, 2002
With HR's help, principled whistle-blowers can be a company's salvation. Here is how several organizations encourage a culture where bad news can be heard and acted on before it's too late.
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