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Behavioral Training

Dear Workforce How Do We Begin Planning Curricula for Professional Development

August 12, 2005
I’ve been asked to create a professional-development curriculum plan for about 1,000 employees in seven cities. Internal training resources are limited but available in most of those locations. How do I determine a list of recommended classes, decide which courses to outsource vs. teach internally, calculate cost-benefit formulas, find appropriate training vendors and justify vendor costs?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Assess Informal Workplace Learning

July 29, 2005
We are a growing northern community of 70,000. Our major industry is oil sand production. We really have two issues. One, it is difficult to recruit new workers to our community; we are in a remote location and the isolated way of life does not appeal to many people. Two, we don’t want to lose our current employees. They have learned a lot informally on the job, and we want to keep those who are willing to learn new skills for jobs we need filled.
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State of the Sector Training

July 7, 2005
By focusing on specific, well-defined goals and using cheaper methods like e-learning, employers have increased the amount of instruction they give workers without inflating their training budgets.
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Leading Indicators

June 29, 2005
Think nice guys--and gals--finish last? Don't tell that to researcher and consultant Roslyn Courtney, who has found that the most successful leaders are accessible, encourage candid dialog and show respect for employees and customers.
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