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Behavioral Training

<i>Dear Workforce</i> I Just Trained 32 Customer-Service Reps. How Do I Demonstrate the Return on Investment?

May 6, 2005
I had to train 32 retail employees on customer-service excellence. The snag came when I was unable to convincingly demonstrate the return on investment to a panel of experts hired by my company to evaluate the project. I based the added value of the project on intangibles, which I was told is insufficient. How do I calculate return on investment for the whole project? Where do I start? I need some pointers because this project has become an albatross around my neck.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Develop Leaders Comfortable in Many Cultures

April 8, 2005
I need to propose, design and implement a development program for senior executives in our multinational corporation. These corporate managers hail from a range of different cultures and operate over a wide geographical region. What essential assumptions and issues need to be considered? What best practices could be incorporated as a platform? Are there some issues I need to be especially heedful of in the design?
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Huddling With The Coach

February 1, 2005
Executive coaching has increasingly shifted away from fixing problem managers to helping corporate stars achieve peak performance. In the process, coaching has become, by one estimate, a $1 billion business. Success stories abound, but companies still have to sort out several coaching issues: ROI is not well-defined; there is no standard set of accepted credentials or ethical practices; and some companies have discovered--usually in hindsight--that what their brilliant but problematic executive really needed was not a coach, but a psychiatrist.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do I Calculate Training Costs

January 14, 2005
How do I calculate the cost of training per trainee in our vocational center? Which items should I include? For example, do I include the cost of buildings, equipment, salaries and training materials? I’m trying to make a standardized model for calculating the training cost per trainee in my organization, which incorporates many such centers.
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