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Behavioral Training

Taking the Long View on IT

October 1, 2004
Minnesota Life hires well-rounded college grads, not "techie-geeks," trains them intensively, gives them work/life balance and reaps the benefits in skill and loyalty.
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The Art of the Apology

October 1, 2004
Business, to borrow a phrase from Love Story author Erich Segal, means never having to say you're sorry. But that thinking is changing, as some companies teach employees when and how to apologize. The right amount of contrition can significantly reduce the cost of settling lawsuits, and may even convince unhappy customers, irked business partners or resentful ex-employees not to sue at all.
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Business Learns to Speak IT--and Vice Versa

September 15, 2004
For IT departments to operate at peak efficiency, they need to understand why their projects are being done in the first place. Southern California Edison is teaching that business premise to its IT employees. It’s also putting its senior executives through training on such things as how to cost-justify IT projects.
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Dear Workforce I Need Help Convincing Management to Invest in Training

September 10, 2004
I work in a call center and spend most of my time training new hires or training people to work on other projects. After they have finished their initial training, however, we have no follow-up training to improve their performance. I want to measure the ROI of training to demonstrate to management that the investment pays dividends. Where do I start? How do I calculate training costs?
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Magic For Sale

September 3, 2004
Top management at the Walt Disney Co., may be under intermittent fire, but its people programs steadily drive theme-park success. The company has packaged its workforce-management ideas under the Disney Institute brand and is happily disseminating them to corporations throughout the United States, including Chevron, BMW, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bank of America.
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Hilton Tries to Clone the Model Employee

August 2, 2004
Hilton has been trying to achieve good customer service through the use of assessment, training and rewards programs. The result: the chain is perched atop the American Customer Satisfaction Index for lodging, generates a high amount of revenue per available room, and has received several positive recommendations by stock analysts.
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