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Behavioral Training

How Bank of America Defines Success

March 1, 2004
Bank of America set out to define what is to be a successful leader, and studied the best practices at GE, Citigroup, UPS, Allied Signal, 3M, Honeywell, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Wells-Fargo. B of A wants five things of high-level employees--a focus on business growth; ability to lead; ability to execute; optimism; and upholding company values.
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Monical's Piping-Hot Idea

The small pizza chain saw that an economic downturn and voracious competition could destroy it. Management at the Bradley, Illinois, chain knew that, with 37 company-owned stores and 18 franchises, it would need a creative strategy to compete with large, well-financed companies during the coming economic downturn. So it remade itself from top to bottom, reaping big monetary and retention benefits.
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High Scores in the Leadership Game

November 26, 2003
In an industry with no precedent and few opportunities for formal training, a video-game developer trains its own leaders, and wins the Optimas Award for Vision. Electronic Arts' employee development is paying off in the form of better product reviews and more positive consumer feedback on its products. Hewitt Associates sees a "handsome payoff" for companies who follow EA's lead.
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