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Dear Workforce How Do We Curb Sexual Harassment Against Men?

September 7, 2011
I can't find anything on sexual harassment against men. I am the only male in my office and have had to listen to male-bashing, slander and other forms of harassment that make me uncomfortable. The boss doesn't want to hear about it, but in fact tends to take the women's side. My HR director is also a woman and won't even give me a chance to discuss. Would you give me insight on how to handle this situation?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Curb Toxic Employee Behaviors?

August 29, 2011
I am HR Manager a nonprofit mental-health organization. Many managers are complaining about poor workplace behaviors of employees. Although not illegal, these behaviors are unhealthy and unproductive. Employees do not seem capable of getting along with each other, and it's harming our ability to work efficiently. What can I do to address these behaviors and improve this toxic work environment?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Develop Behavioral Competencies?

July 28, 2011
Our financial services company is changing its performance appraisal system to place greater weight on behaviors, rather than the quantity of an employee's work. How can we develop behavioral competencies that are objective, fair and help us know who is performing well and who isn't? We have tried things like attendance/readiness to work in the past, but those metrics didn't always tell us much about actual performance.
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