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Behavioral Training

Evart Glass Adventures in Teamland

May 1, 1996
Sure, experiential-based training sounds like a fun idea. Who wouldn't want to spend a workday juggling, solving puzzles blindfolded and climbing ropes? Sounds like a day at summer camp. The difference here is that employees who participated in this play-day are coming away with a new understanding of exactly what it means to be a team player.
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Steer Clear of the Skills Gap

March 1, 1996
Gaps between the skills workers have, and the skills companies need, are impacting recruitment, productivity and morale. By understanding where the gaps are, and what causes them, you can avoid and eliminate them.
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Bring on the Entertainment

July 1, 1995
Today's training incorporates comedy, magic, dramatics and music to make learning enjoyable. But it's not all fun and games—this audience-friendly approach increases attention levels while boosting information retention.
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