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What Do We Do About Managers Who Snoop on Employees?

April 18, 2012
Our company is helping to build a light-rail train line at an airport. A key objective: demonstrating on-time performance and service, even before trains are put into operation. We required our employees to clock in and out of work as a way of maintaining schedules, but the process generated complaints. Employees say we use it to snoop, and some managers have in fact used the clock time to discipline employees. How can we better manage the process and the communication? —Uh-Oh, HR Generalist, transportation, Southeastern U.S.
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What Does Engagement Really Mean?

April 4, 2012
How should we define employee engagement? Is it more than good morale and camaraderie? —In Search of Meaning, senior leader, hospitality, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Curbing Wasteful Compliance Training

February 22, 2012
I’m writing this blog as I sit in a cavernous auditorium with 14 other Georgia attorneys. The lawyer in front of me is doing a crossword puzzle; the lawyer to his left is scanning her Kindle Fire. Several are sending emails; one’s reading a crime novel, another, a newspaper. One is soundly asleep.
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How Do We Teach New Supervisors That It's OK to Be Assertive?

February 15, 2012
I am a new supervisor really struggling with what seems like a simple problem. How do I suggest assertiveness training to other new managers without coming across as demeaning? I want to make it part of annual reviews, but am not sure this is the best approach. —My Tongue Is Tied, product administrator, services, Seal Beach, California
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The Last Word: Daughterly Advice

January 20, 2012
Imagine my delight when I found out over the holidays that my daughter was promoted into management. Like any good father, dear old Dad was more than happy to impart his years of experience from the managerial front lines.
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How Do We Train Managers to Welcome and Promote Diversity?

January 4, 2012
We want our managers to play an active role in promoting greater multicultural diversity among our workforce. How might this magnify the challenges they already face in motivating their employees? What obstacles/resistance should they expect, and how could we train them to answer those objections? —Proceeding, but With Caution, agency diversity manager, government, Phoenix
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