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Performance Management

How Do We Get Beyond Adequate Performance?

January 17, 2012
Some employees are close to being fired for not meeting performance standards. But our company has never had a formalized system to counsel people about job expectations. How do we prevent the loss of potentially solid performers now that times are tight and our management is quietly considering making changes? —Cart Before the Horse, HR professional, manufacturing, Battle Creek, Michigan
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How Do We Convince Execs Who Are Skeptical of Performance Management?

January 4, 2012
We have no performance review or assessment procedure in place. How do I convince executives who think “that stuff” is unnecessary that it actually benefits our organization, particularly for staff who don't receive much recognition for a job well-done or guidance on a job not-so-well-done? —Voice in the Wilderness, director of customer relations, mining/oil/gas, Georgia
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Companies Pushing Workers Over the Limit

December 16, 2011
Like Charlie Chaplin's character in the comedy Modern Times about an assembly-line worker who loses it after tightening one bolt too many, HR consultant Art Quinn says that when employees are pushed to their limits, the workplace can be a dehumanizing place.
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