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What Are the Chances We Could Get Ex-Employees to Repay Us for Their Training?

January 16, 2013
We are paying to train and develop our employees, but many are leaving for other opportunities shortly after their training is complete. I know this is not uncommon, but it makes us wonder if we can force them to repay the money we've invested in them. Seeing them leave makes us wonder if training really is a retention tool. What should we do? —Doubts About Training, assistant manager, human resources, construction, New Delhi, India
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How Do We Design Training for a Four-Generation Workforce?

November 14, 2012
Our organization has four generations in our workplace. We need to change the way we deliver training and development so that our learners are engaged, interested and eager to apply their knowledge to their work. (Sometimes I see younger workers bored with the training and reading their portable devices rather than paying attention to the lecture.) As we design and deliver training, what steps should we take to achieve this objective, recognizing that different generations may learn differently? —Generation Gap, health and safety officer, government, Toronto
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