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TOOL Immigration Issues for U.S. and U.K. Employers

For many employers in the United States and United Kingdom, talented workers from overseas are vital to the continued success of their business. Because of the intricacies of immigration law in both jurisdictions, employers should proceed carefully and obtain sound legal advice each and every time a non-domestic worker is hired, retained, transferred or even terminated.
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TOOL Connecting Low-Skill Workers With Better Opportunities

March 24, 2010
A Working Poor Families Project report profiles how states can shape policies and program efforts to boost the supply of skilled workers by connecting low-income, low-skilled adults to construction-related skills development programs, and increase employer commitment and demand for hiring these workers and paying them family-sustaining wages.
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TOOL Unemployment Insurance Tracker

February 25, 2010
The tracker, created by the investigative news site ProPublica, uses near-real-time data on state revenues and the benefits they pay out, estimating how long the stressed state trust funds will hold up.
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