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Special Report on Health Care BenefitsPound-Foolish

September 10, 2009
Weight-focused health policy can merely end up penalizing obese workers and adding to the stigma of being severely overweight. But some employers are taking a more thoughtful approach to the emotionally fraught issue in attempting to improve workers’ health and reduce medical costs.
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TOOL Privacy Laws and Regulations

September 3, 2009
Law firm Morrison & Foerster maintains a freelance online library with links to privacy laws, regulations, reports, multilateral agreements and government authorities for more than 90 countries around the world, including the United States.
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TOOL Health Observances for September

September 1, 2009
Employers seeking help in ensuring that employees are mindful of cancer prevention may find valuable resources through Welcoa this month: September is Prostate Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Month and Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month.
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TOOL Health Observances for August

August 2, 2009
With flu season around the corner and the H1N1 flu still a top concern of medical professionals, Welcoa reminds employers that August is National Immunization Awareness Month.
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TOOL A Benefits Primer for New Employees

July 17, 2009
Human resources professionals often underestimate how complicated a benefit packet can appear to new employees, particularly if they are young or are recent entrants to the workforce. Here’s basic guidance you can use to inform them about role benefits play in total compensation.
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TOOL Health Observances for July

June 30, 2009
It’s Eye Injury Prevention Month, the Wellness Council of America reminds employers—a good time to ensure that employees are taking the necessary precautions.
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