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Benefit Design and Communication

Warning Your Best Ideas May Work Against You

October 1, 1995
We've been so busy heralding the benefits of helping-hand programs that we've ignored their potential dangers. It's time to stop and look around, because many "employee-friendly" benefits can actually be detrimental-enabling overwork, encouraging company-dependence, and sucking down money without a reasonable return on investment.
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Papa John's Rolls Out Hot HR Menu

September 1, 1995
After creating an HR department two years ago, one 10-year-old company standardized its culture, benefits programs and recruitment strategies to gain a competitive edge. Find out what's next on HR's plate at Papa John's.
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Carving Out Health-care Savings

April 1, 1995
For years, health-care management was cut into two slices-medical and dental. Now, HR is slicing up the health-care pie into more pieces with carve-outs, a benefits-management strategy that's saving big money and raising employee satisfaction standards.
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