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Executive Compensation

Ex-Sara Lee Executive to Land $2.5 Million in Leaving Firm

September 26, 2011
According to the filing, C.J. Fraleigh will continue to receive a pro-rated amount of his most recent annual base salary of $597,000 through his termination date of Jan. 13, 2012. He also will receive severance of $2 million over 21 months, which is the equivalent of his annual salary plus 75 percent of his bonus target for fiscal 2012 ending June 30.
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TOOL Blogs on Wage-and-Hour Issues

February 17, 2010
To keep pace with developments in wage-and-hour law, several law firms have launched blogs on the topic, with attorneys writing about the latest cases and trends.
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Federal Pay Limits Create Storm at AIG

November 16, 2009
American International Group Inc. CEO Benmosche’s reported threat to quit last week—and subsequent pledge to continue his work at AIG—set the stage for a battle over pay curbs, while underscoring the enormous challenges AIG still faces.
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