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Variable Pay

Whirlpool Builds a Performance-based Strategy

January 1, 1999
Whirlpool's management knew that the company needed to forge a higher level of commitment and dedication from employees, especially those working in the company's plants and factories. So it opted to institute a performance-based compensation system for employees at its Clyde, Ohio, automatic washer manufacturing plant.
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Honeywell How Pay Launched Performance

September 1, 1996
Honeywell's Commercial Avionics Division charged a group of employees to align compensation with business goals. The team's decision to link workers' pay to division profitability got better buy-in because it was employee-driven. It also got results.
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AAL Uses Varied Approach To Compensate Teams

June 1, 1993
AAL revamps their compensation program to include four main elements which will challenge employees to see the whole job, rather then just the piece they performed individually, and to increase additional employee learning to help teams find ways to boost overall performance.
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