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Variable Pay

Granting Equity Incentives to Employees

September 14, 2009
The grant of equity to employees implicates issues across several areas of the law, including tax, securities, corporate and contract law. Although an entire book could easily be written on the subject of employee equity grants, here are some of the initial questions and issues that employee equity grants frequently involve.
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Merit Pay, Differentiation and the Tragedy of the Commons

December 8, 2008
Commentary: Merit pay can't succeed when the short-term interests of individuals (such as managers protecting the interests of their direct reports) are at odds with the long-term interests of the group (such as an organization striving for real performance differentiation). But what if those managers were held accountable for their merit-pay choices?
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Incentive Plan Design Begins With Good Questions

October 14, 2008
Commentary: If there’s one thing I’ve learned in many years of designing, implementing, reviewing and—yes— fixing incentive plans, it’s this: Incentives can be a powerful force for the positive, but they also have the potential to be ineffective and even damaging when carelessly thrown at ill-defined problems.
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