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Variable Pay

When Is Too Much Pay at Risk

March 14, 2008
Sales organizations constantly grapple with this question as they try to motivate salespeople without losing sight of other factors. One company found the right balance at 70 percent base pay and 30 percent incentive pay. Here’s how it works.
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You Get What You Pay For

January 30, 2008
One approach to variable pay is activity-based compensation, in which part of an employee’s base pay hinges on hitting specific goals. For programs to be successful, employers need to measure the right things. Employees need to understand the metrics and know how well they’re doing.
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How to Better Comply With SEC Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules

January 4, 2008
Despite the Securities and Exchange Commission’s requirement that companies disclose executive compensation in language that is ‘clear, concise and understandable,’ some observers believed the proxy statement disclosures for the first year under the new rules were anything but straightforward. The SEC issued comment letters and a report that should help companies do a better job in 2008. Here are the highlights of how it can be done better.
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Control and Customization

November 13, 2007
A Towers Perrin global survey of performance management and compensation practices indicates that variable pay programs often fail to produce performance improvements.
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