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Variable Pay

Dear Workforce How Do We Handle The Fallout When Our Secret Profit-Sharing Plan Gets Exposed

February 12, 2004
For the past year, our company has had a secret profit-sharing program that includes 30 to 40 percent of the employees. The program was kept secret by order of the company president. Recently, some of the employees not receiving the bonus learned of the program and are threatening to quit and go to work for some of our competitors. We would really like to keep most of our employees. How should we handle this? What are the potential pitfalls of having this kind of program, and what can we do at this point for damage control?
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The Rise of Restricted-Stock Grants

January 5, 2004
A 2003 PricewaterhouseCoopers human resource services survey shows that 15 percent more companies use restricted stock than in 2002. Switching from options to restricted stock is not necessarily all that easy to pull off.
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Pay Unchecked

October 2, 2003
Human resources failures helped former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers enrich himself at company expense. But the problem wasn't unique to WorldCom. Human resources executives should show some backbone, and just say no to overblown CEO compensation packages.
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