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Organizational Culture

The Age of the Less-Ambitious Employee

December 19, 2011
The bottom line is that a corner office—with all its demands—is less appealing. Here's how one consultant describes a common mindset today: “The headache isn't worth it. I'd rather be able to spend time with the kids.”
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Companies Pushing Workers Over the Limit

December 16, 2011
Like Charlie Chaplin's character in the comedy Modern Times about an assembly-line worker who loses it after tightening one bolt too many, HR consultant Art Quinn says that when employees are pushed to their limits, the workplace can be a dehumanizing place.
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Confronting Barriers: An Interview With Lex Frieden

December 6, 2011
As part of our 90th anniversary, Workforce Management is talking to some of the people and organizations that helped influence today's workplace. In this installment, Workforce Management contributor Susan Hauser speaks with Lex Frieden about the origins of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Frieden is a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center. The act was born partly out of his service as director of the National Council on the Handicapped (now the National Council on Disability) as well as his own experience of being denied admission to one university because he used a wheelchair.
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