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Work/Life Balance

Dear Workforce How Do We Get Flex Schedules in HR

September 7, 2011
My company doesn’t have an official flexible schedule policy, which means some departments are able to work flex hours whereas other departments do not (including my department: human resources). How could I approach my vice president of HR and request that the benefits of flexible scheduling be considered?
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Here, Kitty, Kitty: Pet Insurance Benefit Picking Up

July 1, 2011
First introduced in 1982, insurance policies for pets have grown in popularity and are now offered by thousands of employers. It’s a benefit that costs nothing for employers, and requires little, if any, administration, while providing affordable group rates to employees.
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Vanguard CEO to Employees: Let's Lose the Suits

December 3, 2010
Despite being more than 100 miles away from the formalities of Wall Street, Vanguard always has required its employees worldwide to dress in business attire: a jacket and tie for men and professional dress for women.
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