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Work/Life Balance

How Do We Adapt to Virtual Work?

May 30, 2014

We have been doing research regarding virtual organizations — particularly related to training and the role that managers play. How we do get our organization to adapt/embrace this new way of working?

 — Changing World, assistant HR specialist, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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How Important Is Sticking to Job Descriptions?

April 10, 2014

What is the protocol when our executive team requests salaried employees to perform work outside their job description? It is a situation that has occurred before, resulting in some salaried workers having to work weekends/off days to keep up with their regularly described duties. Job duties of a salaried employee often are fluid, but would it be better for us simply to abandon job descriptions? I wonder about things like employee burnout, turnover, stress levels and engagement.

— Concerned VP, energy/utilities, Newfoundland

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