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Work/Life Balance

Sun's Shining Example

March 1, 2005
The computer workstation and software manufacturer's worldwide commitment to virtual work arrangements and flextime has slashed costs while bolstering productivity and employee satisfaction.
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A Delicate Balance Business Needs and Employees' Lives in Chaos

October 22, 2004
With four hurricanes pounding Florida in six weeks, critical services such as hospitals, utility companies and government offices had to perform quite a juggling act. These organizations had to remain up and running and keep employees focused on their jobs, while at the same time taking into account workers’ concerns about their families, pets and homes.
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High Impact for Low-Wage Workers

July 30, 2004
Some companies have decided their low-wage employees don't have to be disposable. They use such incentives as performance bonuses, child care or educational opportunities to increase loyalty and save on hiring and retention. A financial reward program for hourly retail cashiers and clerks at Eddie Bauer gives workers an additional 6.5 percent of their base pay if store goals are met. In 2003, 95 percent of the chain's stores achieved their monthly sales goals at least once.
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A Case For Child Care

April 1, 2004
While many employers steer clear of providing child care and are leery of the cost, complications and regulation, others are examining the matter in a new light. Abbott Laboratories, IBM and Procter & Gamble have developed cost-effective models for analyzing and meeting employees' child-care needs. The motivation is not humanitarian or altruistic. Some companies now regard child care as something they must do to be competitive.
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Adoption Programs Gaining Ground

March 29, 2004
The Calvert Group is one employer that kicks in money and time for employees who adopt children. But the take-up rate is low, so it costs companies little to increase employee morale and goodwill by offering this benefit.
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