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Work/Life Balance

Blue Cross’s Volunteerism Policy

September 17, 2003
A copy of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota’s paid-time-off policy for volunteerism. Employees with at least six months of service have access to 20 hours of PTO for volunteer service, provided the organization and activity adheres to their guidelines.
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Family-Friendy in Des Moines

July 1, 2003
Midwestern values have infiltrated the workplace in Iowa, where employee benefits include the highest-quality car seats you can buy. One employee says “out here, we really do believe it takes a whole community to raise a child.”
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Babies Deliver a Loyal Workforce

April 1, 2003
Optimas Award Competitive Advantage When it couldn't compete by offering bigger salaries, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners came up with a set of low-cost initiatives designed to retain its employees. The centerpiece: parents can bring babies under six months to work. Turnover plummeted.
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