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Work/Life Balance

Rescue Your Work-life Program

June 1, 1997
Over a period of several years, a group of experts delved into the work/life issues of three companies—and came up with a new approach. The president of Artemis Management Consultants, one of the experts, explains the two things HR must do to reach this n
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At Eddie Bauer You Can Work and Have a Life

April 1, 1997
From telecommuting to "call in well" days, postpartum visits to outdoor experience allowances, Eddie Bauer offers employees benefits that work for them. Here, the president of Working Solutions, which helped Eddie Bauer find its balance, details the company's efforts.
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What Would Mr. Grant Say

September 1, 1996
Ever-polite Mary never would have wanted to seem churlish about Murray's children or unappreciative of the benefits that she herself was receiving. Still, there are limits.
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