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Work/Life Balance

Flexible Scheduling Comes Out of Flux

No longer are alternative work arrangements the exclusive domain of mothers. Today, companies such as Bank of Montreal and Price Waterhouse are beginning to accommodate all types of workers with assorted needs. A recent study by Catalyst, "Making Work Flexible: Policy to Practice," provides clues to their success.
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Warning Your Best Ideas May Work Against You

October 1, 1995
We've been so busy heralding the benefits of helping-hand programs that we've ignored their potential dangers. It's time to stop and look around, because many "employee-friendly" benefits can actually be detrimental-enabling overwork, encouraging company-dependence, and sucking down money without a reasonable return on investment.
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September 1, 1995 (formerly Andersen Consulting) lends employees a helping hand. The company's concierge service runs all those pesky errands for employees so they can keep their minds on work-and use their free time for more enjoyable activities.
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