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Business Etiquette

Teach Trust First

February 27, 2012
Leaders increasingly lack the skills needed to recognize and address employee discontent, which allows decisions and actions to appear unfair or potentially illegal even when they may not be.
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Phony Open Doors Lead to Naked Emperors

September 23, 2011
The Corporate Executive Board found that among the 12 key indicators it tracks in its “cultural diagnostic” of companies, the one that is most strongly correlated with 10-year total shareholder return is employee comfort with speaking up.
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Vanguard CEO to Employees: Let's Lose the Suits

December 3, 2010
Despite being more than 100 miles away from the formalities of Wall Street, Vanguard always has required its employees worldwide to dress in business attire: a jacket and tie for men and professional dress for women.
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