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Change Management

Without Historical Performance Data, How Does Our Newly Merged Company Know Which Employees Are Management Material?

January 25, 2013
My company underwent a recent merger that created a need for new managers. Our organizational structure also is changing to run much flatter. The newly merged organization is looking for a way to identify candidates for the new management jobs. Historical data on performance either is lacking or not available. How do we go about the task of assessing which employees to interview for the management roles? — Data Blackout, organizational development specialist, manufacturing, Teaneck, New Jersey
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How Do We Help People Adapt to Dynamic Situations?

September 5, 2012
Some of our employees are set in their ways, and it's hard to persuade them to learn new things. What can we do as an organization to help them adapt to dynamic situations? —Stuck in a Rut, learning and development specialist, Milan, Italy
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How Do We Become a Learning Organization?

August 14, 2012
During management meetings, discussion invariably turns toward the subject of continuous change. We want to become a learning organization, making any necessary changes that will help us be more customer-oriented. We're having trouble getting beyond the discussion phase, though. How do I persuade our management team to let human resources spearhead this cultural change? —On the Sidelines but Hoping to Play, HR manager, publishing, Sydney
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