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Change Management

Dear Workforce How Should HR Prepare for an IPO

December 4, 2007
Our company recently filed for an initial public offering of stock, or IPO. What steps should our HR department take to prepare for this event? As we get set for this change, which questions should we be asking ourselves internally?
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WellPoint Executive Churn Reaches Down to Top 5

October 29, 2007
New WellPoint CEO Angela Braly is quite the agent of change. With three more top executives set to leave in the coming year, much of the old management team is gone, raising concerns about turnover in the upper ranks of the nation's No. 2 health insurer.
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PEO Gevity Bids CEO Farewell

October 23, 2007
The leadership switch is the latest in a series of changes at the company that have thus far done little to assure investors that Gevity is back on track. The company’s stock traded as high as $30 a share in early 2006. But after lower-than-expected revenue and earnings in June, the stock tumbled to a low of $9.85 in September, and has been trading recently at around $11.
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The Coming Leadership Crisis

October 17, 2007
In North America, 69 percent of companies surveyed fear they will experience a dearth of executive talent. The study also found that only 6 percent of organizations are confident of their ability to assess their human capital and use it to make strategic decisions.
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