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Change Management

A School System Overcomes Its Fear of Change

May 2, 2003
Overhauling a computer system is never easy for a company. But try introducing an Internet-based system when nearly half the staff has never even ventured online and you have a culture that is resistant to change. Welcome to the Dallas Independent School District's challenge, one that Lee Allen, an executive in the school district, is trying to overcome in moving from an antiquated system to a Web-based Oracle HR system.
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Cisco's Homegrown Gamble

February 27, 2003
The company that believed buying talent was the key to success now relies on developing the employees it already has. Not everyone is convinced the strategy will keep Cisco Systems on top.
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How to Do ERP Right

October 2, 2002
HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS -- Enterprise resource planning was all the buzz as the Y2K gremlins threatened at the turn of the millennium. So where is ERP now? And how successful has it been in organizations? This article shows HR that ERP system implementations can work if people are ready for the change.
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02- Managing Change- NIMA

July 29, 2002
The National Imagery and Mapping Agency had to merge the personnel structures of the nine different federal offices and agencies from which it was fashioned. What NIMA’s HR leaders created was nothing less than revolutionary.
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