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Change Management

Dear Workforce How Do We Sensitively Let Go of a Longtime Employee

May 17, 2010
I have a part-time employee with limited skills, time and ambition. This job is the sole support for herself and her 3-year-old child. I have the opportunity to hire someone who could work more hours, and who also is likely to be much more effective in the position. I don’t have a need or budget for both employees. How do I let go of Employee No. 1, knowing how devastating this would be to her personal situation and given the fact that she has never had a poor evaluation?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Drive Behavior Change Among Our Veterans?

April 13, 2010
We have a segment of veteran employees who are used to doing things a certain way. This poses a conflict with newer employees, especially as we try to build a more nimble and service-focused organization. How can we change the behaviors of our seasoned workers without alienating them? We have tried using them as mentors, but that has resulted in teaching newcomers to do things “the way they have always been done.”
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Making a Case for Hiring Bars

February 25, 2010
Experts agree that the EEOC and the federal courts will soon require the evidence-based screening and hiring policies. Hiring bars for people with criminal records must be grounded in substantive research on the actual risk of recidivism.
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Small Firms Face Spiking Health Care Premiums

February 22, 2010
In a fall 2009 survey by consulting company Mercer, small companies employing 10 to 499 people expected to see an average health care cost increase of 9.5 percent based on their projections. Actual increases have been more than that, observers say.
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