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Change Management

HR as a Change Agent in the Downturn

In today's recessionary environment, it is very tempting for organizations and employees to feel as if they are victims, carried away by macroeconomic events that they cannot influence. But HR can arm itself with data for a different approach—one that involves taking control and helping to turn things around. APQC, a benchmarking organization, offers three suggestions for how to begin.
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Ford Calls Visteon Incentive Program ‘Entirely Too Rich’

July 14, 2009
The automaker says former parts subsidiary Visteon Corp. has proposed an employee incentive program that is "entirely too rich, given current market and economic conditions." Ford adds that employees of the bankrupt Visteon should be happy to still have jobs.
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New York City Job-Loss Estimates Ease

May 21, 2009
Following months when economists kept tearing up their job-loss forecasts and revising them upward to keep pace with deteriorating economic news, New York’s Independent Budget Office has gone in reverse.
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