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What Do We Do About Managers Who Snoop on Employees?

April 18, 2012
Our company is helping to build a light-rail train line at an airport. A key objective: demonstrating on-time performance and service, even before trains are put into operation. We required our employees to clock in and out of work as a way of maintaining schedules, but the process generated complaints. Employees say we use it to snoop, and some managers have in fact used the clock time to discipline employees. How can we better manage the process and the communication? —Uh-Oh, HR Generalist, transportation, Southeastern U.S.
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Standing Up for Your Employees

April 12, 2012
Your organization is not a hockey team, but there is a lesson to learn from Peter Laviolette. If you have your employees' backs, they will reciprocate.
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Workforce Wins Prestigious Business Honors

March 22, 2012
Workforce Management won a Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award for senior editor Ed Frauenheim's in-depth look at the growing controversy over who owns social media contacts.
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Chat Transcript: Is the Work-More Economy Working?

February 16, 2012
Read the transcript from a live conversation with Senior Editor Ed Frauenheim about today's "Work-More Economy," in which job demands have risen. Are firms going too far, hurting themselves and workers? The live chat took place on Thursday, March 8, 2012, at 1 p.m. ET.
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