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Ergonomics and Facilities

Sears Turns Office Space into a Recruiting Tool

December 1, 1998
When Sears, Roebuck and Co. found itself struggling to find information technology (IT) professionals, the company solved the problem by recruiting in one swoop 25 software engineers in Boise, Idaho. Sears used the recruiting incentive of “new office spac
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Take a Look at the Future Office

November 1, 1998
Tim Syfert, group manager for Haworth Inc., a furniture company known for creating office innovations, explains where offices came from, where they're going, and a little bit about a growing industry called cognitive ergonomics.
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What Makes Companies Well-loved

April 1, 1998
The three key corporate traits employees identify as qualities that make their companies great are Inspiring Leadership, Sense of Purpose and Knockout Facilities. How well does your company perform in these areas?
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Making the Virtual Office a Reality

September 1, 1994
In an increasing number of companies, traditional office space is giving way to community areas and empty chairs as employees work from home, from their cars or from virtually anywhere. Advanced technologies and progressive HR strategies make these alternative offices possible.
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