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What Employers Need to Know About Terminating Foreign Workers

May 18, 2010
Among the most sensitive of layoff matters are the consequences of terminating foreign workers and the affirmative obligations of employers under federal regulations. This article will assist human resources professionals in identifying issues that require compliance with federal regulations. It also addresses the consequences of termination for the foreign worker.
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Multinationals Taking Global Approach to Health Care

April 15, 2010
Those with global health care strategies in place are shifting the focus from mitigating health care costs to prevention, as chronic conditions, stress and behavioral issues drive medical inflation outside of the United States.
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France's Approach to Workplace 'Bullying'

March 12, 2010
France is in the vanguard of addressing the issue of bullying in the workplace, but the European Union supports the movement and other national regimes are close behind. As more companies go global, human resources and other executives should at least become aware of the phenomenon, and France’s particular take on what constitutes bullying. If you have employees in that nation, it will become hard to avoid.
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