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Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Targeted by UAW Effort to Organize Auto Parts Plants

July 5, 2012
Shahid Khan, the Pakistan-born self-made billionaire who bought the Jaguars for more than $700 million in January, traditionally has been a private figure in the auto industry, but his profile this year became more public as the owner of an NFL franchise. His emerging visibility in the NFL has given the UAW a public platform as it campaigns to organize workers at Flex-N-Gate's nonunion plants.
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Don't Post Those New NLRB Notices—Finally

April 18, 2012
The April 30 deadline for posting the NLRB's employee rights notice is hanging on by a fingernail. It could take into next year before these issues work their way through the circuit courts, not to mention a likely appeal to the Supreme Court.
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