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Managing International Operations

Fees Increase for H-1B, L Visas

August 16, 2010
The increase applies to companies with 50 or more employees in the U.S. and that have more than 50 percent of their U.S. workforce on H-1B or L visas.
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Dont Be Surprised by H-1B Site Visits

November 13, 2009
Enforcement has been stepped up, so H-1B employers are advised to prepare for site visits and to determine what information they will discuss with government contractors or agents. It is also critical that H-1B employers immediately intensify their focus on immigration compliance.
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A Global Perspective on Investigating Employee Misconduct

July 23, 2009
Global businesses should begin by developing a code of conduct that applies worldwide to all employees regardless of the jurisdiction in which they work. Sophisticated employers understand that even where a jurisdiction does not forbid certain types of behavior, it doesn't mean that behavior should be tolerated or condoned.
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