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Managing International Operations

Future Shock

August 24, 2007
India’s college system is suffering from a deficit in instructors with Ph.D.s, which threatens to derail the country’s plan for a higher-tech outsourcing future. ‘What has happened in Indian education is that everybody is busy plucking the fruit off the trees and no one is planting the trees,’ one expert says.
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Firms Ratchet Up Efforts to Boost Security

August 17, 2007
Security is a huge concern in India and is taken seriously by both client and vendor, since Indian companies win contracts that give them access to a client’s proprietary information. Clients often perform random security audits on their Indian vendors.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Know What Applicants in India Are Looking For

August 10, 2007
We are a well-known U.S. Fortune 500 software company that is starting up operations in India. We need to hire senior engineering candidates here, but it is challenging: Candidates may be looking for a different title, a different role or greater compensation. However, senior candidates in India are not always direct in communicating what they want. How do we get a good idea of what candidates are thinking prior to arranging interviews with them?
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H-1B Charges, Social Unrest Test India-Based Outsourcers

June 11, 2007
One day it was a political bombshell; the next day, it was a bomb. The fallout over H-1B visas and a terrorist bombing and subsequent riot here in Hyderabad, India, were unrelated, but they illustrate the disruptive potential such incidents can impose on this booming city of 8 million people that leans so heavily on companies outsourcing their work.
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Multinationals Taking Notice of Argentine Talent

April 3, 2007
Argentina is recovering from the economic disaster, and the nation’s employment base is quickly making up for lost time. Young, energetic workers are drawing the attention of multinational companies seeking an educated workforce at a relatively reasonable price.
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Firms Still Fond of Foreigners in China

March 26, 2007
“Localizing” the leadership of China operations with Chinese nationals long has been a goal for multinationals, both to save on compensation costs and develop a better understanding of the country. But given the tight market for managers, fast-growing multinationals continue to rely on expatriates.
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Caring for Cokes Talent

March 26, 2007
Jonathan Taylor is Coca-Cola’s vice president of human resources for China, Mongolia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. But the 38-year-old U.K. native came to this role after spending years in health care and gradually traversing the globe.
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