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How Do I Break Into Other HR Areas Besides Recruiting?

June 19, 2012
After six years as a human resources professional, I have wandered from my original career path. I had intended to eventually become a generalist, but in my last two jobs I've been asked to do mostly recruiting, mostly because my managers didn't want to do it. I recently was laid off and now get job offers only for staffing/recruiting positions. How do I break into other areas: employee relations, training and performance management? —Unwilling Recruiter, services, England
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Chat Transcript: Is the Work-More Economy Working?

February 16, 2012
Read the transcript from a live conversation with Senior Editor Ed Frauenheim about today's "Work-More Economy," in which job demands have risen. Are firms going too far, hurting themselves and workers? The live chat took place on Thursday, March 8, 2012, at 1 p.m. ET.
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