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Study Notes Medical Malpractice Insurance Market to Evolve with Health Care Changes

January 4, 2012
Changes in health care delivery will drive changes in the marketplace, including an ongoing shift from physicians practicing alone or in small groups toward practicing in multispecialty and multistate physician networks, or physicians working in practices purchased and operated by hospitals and integrated regional health care organizations, according to the Moody's analysis.
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Today's Workforce—Pressed and Stressed

December 16, 2011
While politicians and pundits fret about unemployment and underemployment rates, growing numbers of employees are under pressure to do more. The resulting “work-more economy” threatens not just workers' sanity but companies' long-term success.
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How Do We Know When It's Time to Hire an HR Director?

November 29, 2011
How many employees should we have before hiring a human resources manager? Our company is at 60 employees and has acquired a new company with 80 employees. It has turned around since the economy and expects to add to staff and have additional acquisitions. However, we have no HR staff and don't know how many employees is the “right” number to justify hiring one. (This would be the sole HR position in this company—no subordinates). Right now we are implementing HR policies with the assistance of outside consultants. —Anxious to Grow, aerospace, USA
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