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The HR Profession

HR For Profit Selling Expertise

May 1, 1995
Some HR departments have not only become internal business partners. They've become outside consultants—capitalizing on their hard-earned personnel expertise for profit. There's much to learn from their experiences.
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Remedies for HR's Legal Headache

December 1, 1994
One of the least talked about stresses of the human resources profession has to do with the complexities of employment law. HR executives share their ideas on how to cope with the profession's legal challenges, from multi-million dollar lawsuits to perplexing federal legislation.
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Selling HR How To Get CEO Support

May 1, 1993
You can have wonderful ideas for HR programs, but if you can't convince the CEO to proceed, they don't mean anything. HR professionals, top executives and management experts who work frequently with CEOs share their observations.
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