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Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Federal Hiring

February 18, 2004
A memo from Kay Cole James of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Says James, "These ten things will make a difference in our ability as a team to get the right people in the right jobs at the right time."
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Unifying American Standard

May 2, 2003
When Larry Costello joined American Standard, the company's three businesses were operating independently and inconsistently. His challenge: to build a new unified company-wide HR department from the ground up.
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Unite or Die

January 30, 2003
If bankrupt United Airlines is going to survive, CEO Glenn F. Tilton will have to gain the trust of a badly divided workforce and find ways to get them to work together more efficiently. It's not mission impossible: Continental emerged from two bankruptcies and is prospering.
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Create Great Customer Service

February 28, 2001
The NY Department of Civil Service's transformation of a bloated, unworkable bureaucracy focused on flexibility, efficiency, recruiting, and innovation.
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