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Bariatric Surgery Yields Economic Payoff

August 25, 2011
While the health results for bariatric surgery and the dramatic weight loss that usually follows is clear, a doctor and his colleagues have found that there is a societal economic benefit as well: many previously unemployed patients get jobs after they lose weight.
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Nissans Return-to-Work Offer Inadequate in Comp Case

August 16, 2011
A trial court may award up to six times the employee’s medical impairment rating in additional permanent partial disability benefits if that worker does not receive a ‘meaningful return to work’ offer and as long as the worker does not voluntarily resign or retire.
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COBRA Program Subsidies to Expire at End of August

August 11, 2011
The exact number of individuals who took the subsidy isn’t known. At the time the original subsidy legislation was passed, congressional analysts estimated that the subsidy would aid more than 7 million laid-off employees and their families and cost the government about $25 billion.
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